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For English speaking clients:

Maria is born and raised in Russia where Alternative Medicin has been broadly practiced during her youth. She then developed an interest in remedial bodywork which she has now been practicing for 16 years. She directs her focus on the structural and emotional imbalances that impair the body’s correct functioning. Her goal is to spread both the understanding of the physical body and the connection between the inner and outer-worlds of the body-mind and how it applies to health.

In order to effectively achieve this aim, Maria employs a wide range of techniques:

  • Myofascial massage is used to affect the fascia in the whole body where everything is connected through it. By ‘unwrapping’ structures and separate them it creates more mobility and a possibility for the soft tissues to relax in.
  • Kinesiology through muscle testing is used to detect the neurological misfiring between the nervous system and the muscle. Using that technique one restores the connection creating stability and proper function in the particular muscle group which leads to an easier relaxation of the muscle and facilitates the success of further treatment.
  • Shiatsu is used when there is some underlying emotional issues or day-to-day pattern mirroring themselves in the physical body by creating different kinds of symptoms connected to each imbalanced meridiansystem in order to communicate something from the unconscious mind to the body.
  • Cupping is used to separate the tissues and open up the flow of energy as well as blood and lymphatic fluids. The body is used to compression through massage techniques, therefore it reacts positively to the opposite- separation as a rare and unknown sensation.
  • Dry needling is used to create a micro damage in the muscle and attract blood flow which carries a lot of nutrients to that area and increases the healing process in the area.
  • Infra-red light wand is used during an old and stubborn damage of the physical structure or any damage that is not currently inflamed, to increase the overall circulation of the area and the tissues around therefore increasing the healing process. The heat that radiates from the wand creates comfort and decreases pain sensations in the treated/damaged area.
  • Healing is used on clients with a history of chronic stress and those who are recovering from burn out. It is particularly useful for this group as they cannot always relax during more physical treatments. It helps reconnect them to their body and promotes relaxation and improved sleep cycles. This creates a platform where they can then begin to objectively and calmly reassess their lifestyle and become aware how to avoid stressful patterns in the future. 

Remember, that is always up to each and everyones Body to decide how ready it is to let go of physical and non-physical blockages. The very thing that is bothering you that you came to me to look at may or may not be addressed during the first or couple of treatments depending on what the body needs to "solve" before it can work with what really is bothering it.

I recommend to drink extra water before and after your treatment and if possible, not to book any big events after each session in order to provide a relaxed healing space for your body. Being sore for up to 48 hours after the treatment is normal but not necessary process, so just be aware and let the body process it at its own paste.

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