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All creations are unique, one-off pieces. So, if you see something you like, don’t hesitate as only one will be made and not copied. This is to ensure that everyone is wearing an original personalized creation.


As we get drawn to any particular shapes, colours or properties, we allow the aspects of us that are ready to discover that very quality within by vibrating that frequency as we wear them. They are the tool that reminds us of the qualities within and helps us to elevate and support that in us, they are not a quick fix but rather a helping hand in our processes.


800,00 kr Regular Price
680,00 krSale Price
Mala purple: purple
Mala Rose: Pink
Mala Blue: blue
Grey Mala: grey
Cream Mala: cream
  • Mala made with Howlite, Amazonite, Clear quarts, Lava stone, Angel Aura quarts.

    ~ clarity, calmness, grounding, joy ~

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